Welcome to WooWooMonroe.com

5 thoughts on “Welcome to WooWooMonroe.com”

  1. WooWoo, you are my new cultural activist heroine! Saw your picture from the May 31 Menlo Park Facebook protest this a.m. in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and my first thought was “You go, girl!!”


  2. Saw you in La Cage Aux Folles 3 times–you were fantastic! Would like to see you perform again but not too much over-the-top stuff (no blood poured on the audience, etc). Can I be on a mailing list to hear of your future performances?


  3. Hello
    My name is Calvin I’m a gay man who lives and works at Lupin Lodge the clothing optional I’m reaching out to you to ask you about you and other drag queens that want to be involved to someday do a show here.
    I’m wanting to know what is everyone’s requirements are to do so.

    Please contact me here or by phone WITH a text FIRST
    E-mail: nudeboi50@yahoo.com


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